Behind the Tail

Chris Hainley aka Crazy Pig Lady

 Chris Hainley 
CEO and founder of FairyTail Acres home of
Rescue Pigs that are used as Therapy Pigs

Chris has a heart of gold always going above and beyond for her rescue pigs. And the facilities she takes her therapy pigs into. Even though she’s battling major health issues. She still loves to educate the community about owning mini pet pigs

Tom Hainley Driver Extroidinare & Costume Pig

Tom Hainley- the everything behind the rescue pigs He supports the Rescue financially & physically .

Tom can be found behind the scenes, driving to therapy pig visits. Picking up the tons of food ordered each month for all the Rescue Pigs. He cleans up and even will lend aide in showing others how to care properly for their mini pet pig. 

Friends, Family, Supporters.

All of our supporters. YOU

We wouldn’t be where we are with out our support system, neither would our rescue pigs. And without your faith and trust and willing to try something new , there would be no Therapy Pigs.